I wrote my first song at the age of fourteen. A song about my father and his passion for drinking beer. I am not sure whatever happened to those lyrics, but it is not the type of thing I would write today. Over the years, my over-all skill as a songwriter has improved; and I seem to have more to write about. Until about four years ago, I stayed busy writing country songs, but then my efforts turned to southern gospel. I believe I can write in any genre.' and with a little hard work and perseverance, I could have been a performer....maybe.  


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After taking a listen to my songs, I encourage you to leave your feedback or comments about what you hear. Please take the time to share them with your friends on Facebook or other social media. If you would like to order my CD, "God Gives Me A Song," you can send payment through my Paypal account. I also have soundtracks available for most of my southern gospel tunes. If interested, send my an e-mail and I'll tell you how to order.

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I'm a proud to say that my songs are featured on Reverbnation and NumberOneMusic.


It is a good feeling to know that people around the world are listening to and approving of the songs I write. Currently my song, "A Soldier's Heart" is in the Top 10 on Reverbnation. This song originated after I heard gospel songwriter Reba Rambo McGuire tell the true story of a soldier who was behind the inspiration for this song.



Since playing a musical instrument is not my gift, I rely on musicians to finish out the words I write to make the demo. Over the past few years, I've had the privilege to work with Mark Lewis and Mike Whetsel. Mark works to produce and arrange the music, and Mike provides vocals and piano       

Writing the lyrics, and sometimes creating a melody for the song. I do perform some of my gospel songs in church and community events.  

I was born and raised in West Virginia. Growing up< I was not the perfect kid, in fact; more of a pain in backside to teachers, preachers and all of God's creatures. As I grew older, I had more jobs than you could shake a stick at. I delivered newspapers and TV Guides door to door. I worked in gas stations, fast food restaurants, retail stores, car washes, the rock and roll business and in some industrial plants. I served in the military during the Vietnam war, and again in the early 80's. The roads of life took me down some dark paths before I finally got my act together. I am currently serving as a Lead Pastor in the Church of the Nazarene, and continue to write; as God gives me a song.


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